Ah Francis Silk Premium Lashes -

Bespoke, Custom chosen lashes to suit your own style and specification; from full length, thick and glamorous to ultra-fine barely there lashes for a subtle feminine look. All avaliable in 32 different lengths and shapes to fit perfectly

A H Francis 3D Mink 007 Superfine Lashes -

One of the few eyelash extension specialists to offer the EXCLUSIVE ahfrancis 3D mink 007 lashes. So superfine (up to 4 times thinner than a standard lash) that they can be used individually, in pairs or in small groups to give a huge variety of soft super-natural looks. Avaliable in 8 different lengths/curls to fit any natual lash perfectly. Virtually weightless, beautifully soft and long lasting; Quite simply the best lashes you can get.....

Lower Lashes -

to complete the look

Express Lashes -
Perfect if youre in a hurry, Weddings, big nights out or Honeymoon (can be done in 30 mins)
Lashes are layered and nestled in and layered again to give a dramatic look that lasts up to 2 weeks. (Must be removed professionally after this time)

Additional Services -

Coloured Lashes -

Add a few to give a subtle or dramatic play of colour over the lashes.

Glitter/ Gems -

Add lovely highlights to your lashes in a multitude of ways with tiny gems or various colours of glitter. ( lasts around 2 days)

Eyebrow Shaping -

To enhance your new set of lashes an eyebrow shaping will finish the look perfectly.

Eyebrow Tiniting-

To complement your A H Francis lashes a tint on the eyebrows can pull together to the look.

Eyelash Tiniting-

To give a even more depth of colour and define the lower lashes eyeborw tinting can also be done to compelment the treatment.


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